Comic Book Review: Green Lantern #1

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern #1

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern #1

Green Lantern #1

After reading through both The Blackest Night and The Brightest Day series recently, mainly because I haven’t read much of this title in many years, I had high expectations for the New 52 re-launch of Green Lantern #1. I was a big fan of Hal Jordan when I was young, but like many other DC fans, got sucked into the Marvel universe and never quite made it back until the announcement earlier these year that DC Comics was re-launching all of its star performers in an attempt to “re-boot” the franchise with #1 issues of 52 titles in August. Then, after seeing Sinestro, most possibly the Green Lantern Corps greatest villain, on the cover of Green Lantern #1, in a emerald green uniform and sporting the emerald warrior’s signature ring, my expectations grew even more.

The story starts out with a pissed Sinesto, decked out in GL green, surrounded by the Guardians and reciting the Green Lantern oath, but afterwards demanding that they remove the ring (apparently he is a little unhappy being chosen by the ring to be it’s newest bearer). The Guardians basically respond by telling him to man up and do his job, which leads into some mystery into why the hell he is wearing the ring in the first place.

This issue also “re-introduces” us to Hal Jordan, without his ring and seemingly happy being human again. To say more would ruin most of the story that the writer, Geoff Jones,  is trying to spin with this new DC re-launch, but to put everything back into perspective, Sinestro is pissed that he’s wearing the GL ring, the lantern’s are pissed that he’s wearing the GL ring, and the Sinestro Corps are pissed that he’s wearing the GL ring. Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan’s girlfriend and former Star Sapphire, is pissed, mainly at Hal and his lame attempt to get her to co-sign on a car loan for him. Even Hal’s landlord is pissed… it seems that being a officer of the Green Lantern Corps comes with a lousy salary and even worse retirement plan.

As mentioned, this issue is written by Geoff Jones, author of 2007’s kickoff to the Sinestro Corps War as well as this month’s re-launch of Justice League #1. As with too many issues of Green Lantern to count, Doug Mahnke brings his talented hand to the pages of this issue and does not miss a beat in fleshing out the first issue of this new series.  The character work is above par with his previous art as is the Sinestro Corps member we are introduced to in this issue, which looks freakishly awesome.

Overall, I was a little disappointed not to see Hal Jordan soaring through the pages as the emerald warrior, creating wildly insane constructs from his ring, and ultimately saving the galaxy from the next greatest evil to emerge from some dark corner of the universe. I guess taking Hal out of the GL Corps is how Geoff Jordan intended on making this new series accessible to new readers, and it seems to be a good idea since we all know there is no way in hell Hal Jordan is not going to be a Green Lantern. Also, I am intrigued with the back-story that is sure to come explaining Sinestro’s place in the GL Corps, and, with so many people pissed off at one thing or another, mostly about Sinestro being a Green Lantern, I am sure story is going to get better. So, if you were wondering if you should read this, I would say sure. It isn’t a “must-read” in any sense, but the artwork is solid and the storyline building up into the next issue is worth cracking this issue open for a spin around the block.

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by David Amburgey

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